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Personal Statement

I am an independent and conscientious worker with excellent attention to detail. I possess a wide range of technical and administrative skills. I am a good all-round web master with skills in graphic design as well as in programming and database administration. As a writer, I also have an excellent command of English.



Development Environments

Graphic Design

Employment History


Prior to having my first proper job, I worked a number of temporary and part time jobs. These included bar tending, office administration, word processing, database administration, and software testing.

2000–2001 — Media Square PLC (formerly e-Principals PLC)

I joined Media Square as a web designer, designing and programming websites for a range of small and large companies using tools like Photoshop, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and Visual Studio, creating HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and VB ASP templates. Brands I designed websites and custom web pages for included Duchy Originals, Christy Towels, City Residential, Dairy Crest, Serco, and Frijj Milkshakes.

2001–2003 — Insight Direct (UK) Ltd

I initially joined Insight as a web designer but quickly moved into a technical role, managing the company's internal reporting system using SQL Server, VB ASP, XML, and early ASP.NET, and producing a VB.NET desktop application for internal project management.

2003–2006 — Aria Software Ltd / Beantree Ltd / alpharooms.com

As co-founder of Aria Software Ltd (link goes to Companies House), I worked in partnership with a travel company located in Sheffield, Alpha Rooms. I helped to build a first-of-its-kind B2B XML .NET live travel bookings system and redesigned their website (the current logo is still my design). Thanks to the new website, the company expanded rapidly to over 200 employees. Alpha bought Aria Software in 2006. During this time, I also set up my own personal business, Beantree Ltd (link goes to The Internet Archive), selling organic food and chocolates online.

2006 Onwards — Self-Employed

When Alpha bought out Aria Software, I took the opportunity to pursue my writing career, as well as manage a large-scale renovation of my cottage in the Peak District. I then built a number of websites from which I earned a small passive income, including a very popular social network on Ning.com ("Fairies & Vampires") with over 50,000 members. I also ran a health blog and support group for people with food intolerances. I had built some humorous viral name generators in the late 1990s/early 2000s which went viral, and from 2010 onwards I decided to concentrate on my name generators project full time and founded namegeneratorfun.com. I also developed fortunetellingfun.com, an online tarot-reading website. I also built a small passion-project website for people with severe food intolerances.



I am a passionate minimalist with a particular interest in fashion and capsule wardrobes. I am a keen knitter. I have in-depth knowledge of psychology and its intersection with nutrition. I also have a lifelong interest in science fiction and fantasy writing and I have had a number of short stories published in the UK small press.

In 2016 I decided to pursue my dream of having my own tiny home on the UK waterways. I bought the shell of a 60 foot narrowboat to fit out. Along with my partner Saxon, I have been fitting out our boat and documenting our progress on YouTube.